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Start creating your Living Trust today.

All in-person appointments are conducted through our COVID-19 desk shield and meeting areas are sanitized between appointments.

Estate planning is one of those things people just happen to delay, but it can be so much easier than you even imagine.  If you knew that you could have a complete estate plan and be squared away in 3-4 weeks (our standard turnaround time), wouldn't you be motivated to do it sooner?  Here is how to get started:‚Äč

1. Contact us for a quote and an Estate Planning Application packet.  We will also provide a list of things to bring.

2. Schedule your appointment to review your application and legal decisions with the attorney.  Appointments are available in-person, via Zoom, and via FaceTime.

3. Once your documents are ready, we will meet again to review them together.  If you're ready to move forward, we will sign and notarize right in our office.