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The Law Offices of Kate Young, APC, is a boutique estate planning law firm that has been providing quality legal counsel to families and individuals in the area of wills and trusts, probate, estate planning, and inheritance planning for over twenty years.  We assist and advise clients- from small to large estates- with the preparation of their revocable living trusts and vital estate planning documents.  Only a licensed attorney can provide estate planning advice, and when it comes to preparing these important documents, it is important that the process is executed properly and completely.  We also regularly handle probate matters, Trust administration, and decedent's estates from our offices in Monrovia, Simi Valley, and Burbank, California.

Virtual and Live Appointments 

We offer appointments in-person and via phone, Zoom, or FaceTime.  

Your Personal Counsel

Once retained, we are your personal and private counsel who you are welcome to freely ask any questions knowing that your matters are confidential and backed by legal education and experience in California probate courts.  After your estate plan is completed, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have a place to return to for legal support in carrying out your important wishes.

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Valuable Experience

The difference between a well-made Trust and a self-made Trust is education and experience.  In this field, we have seen our documents come into action at the time they are needed, and as a result, eliminated court time and hassles for surviving family members. 

Compassionate Attorney

We understand that for most people, the first time that they meet with us is the first time they are dealing with preparing an estate plan, administering a Trust, or even meeting with a lawyer. Thus, we are known to do a little hand-holding, and explain how things work from a basic, educational point of view. 

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Proper planning provides peace of mind. 

Whether your estate is small or large, we will help you customize the proper plan that is suitable to your needs.  An initial consultation will allow you to get to know the attorney and will provide you with general legal information, which is not the same as legal advice- the application of law to an individual's specific circumstances.  We will be pleased to provide legal advice on your specific situation after you accept and sign our attorney-client engagement agreement. Consultations do not include a review of your existing legal documents.

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