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Practice Areas

Our clients find comfort in the fact that our practice has been dedicated exclusively to the areas of wills, trusts, estate planning, and probate for the last 13 years.  The vast majority of our practice consists of assisting individuals and families with wills and living trusts.  We will listen to your wishes and desires and apply the law to create an effective estate plan for you.  Here are some of our common practice areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning for the Elderly
  • Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples
  • Family Trusts
  • Revocable Living Trusts, Inter Vivos Trusts
  • Trust Law
  • Marital Disclaimer Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • AB and ABC Trusts
  • A-A Trusts
  • Domestic Partnership Trusts
  • Amendments and Codicils
  • Restatements of Trust
  • Simple Wills
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Will Inheritance
  • Living Wills
  • Successions
  • Nominations of Guardianships for Minor Children
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Health Care Directives
  • Medical Power of Attorney for Minors
  • Minors' Trusts
  • DNR's (Do Not Resuscitate)
  • POLST (Physician's Order on Life Sustaining Treatment)
  • Will and Trust Administration

We assist Successor Trustees with the administration of living trusts after the passing of the Settlor/Trustor.  Our firm regularly assists families in settling Trusts that we originally created for their parents/grandparents.

  • Trust Administration
  • Administration of Wills
  • Trust Administration Upon Death of a Spouse
  • Probate and Decedents' Estates

When a decedent does not leave an estate plan, leaves only a will, or a small estate, we assist in the determination of the proper steps to take to settle the estate, whether it involves opening a probate matter, retitling property, or administering bank accounts.

  • Uncontested Probate Matters
  • Administration of Small Estates 
  • Affidavits for Collection of Personal Property
  • Spousal Property Transfers
  • Heggstad Petitions
  • Estate Administration Upon Death of a Spouse
  • Real Estate Deeds

If your estate planning/administration issue is not listed here, please contact us to inquire if we can be of assistance.

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